Aviv Citron, President and CEO of AG Security Group, Inc.

In addition to over ten years of law enforcement, Mr. Citron has two decades of security industry experience which includes retail, personal protection, nightclubs and corporate security events. He also has over 20 years of EMS experience, CPR, AED and First Aid Instructor. Mr. Citron also has experience in education as a Tourniquet Instructor, New York State and New Jersey State Defensive Driver Instructor, and many many more. Aviv started AG Security with one goal in mind, to provide the absolute very best security solutions available in NYC.

Who we are

About Our Founder

Our people make the difference

Our team of experienced security personnel is the very best in the business, bar none. We seek out and procure top tier law enforcement and government branch officers of the highest levels so that we may provide paramount security for you or your business. When you need the very best in the security industry, trust no one else but AG Security Group and our proven history of satisfied clients.

Our Services

AG Security Group is 100% Licensed, Bonded and Insured by the NY Department of State. We are able to provide a dynamic array of different security options for many needs.

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